Keep your eye on Tawana (JSE:TAW)

Tawana (Resource I16) is a primarily an iron-ore and lithium producer with another listing in Australia. This is where the headquarters are based.

The recent acquisition of the Bald Hill has acquired projects that will add large production values to TAW’s output. The company recently underwent large shareholding movements to raise capital for the Bald Hill and surrounding projects.

The year-to-date return of 194% up until March 30th 2017 when a record high of R4.5 was reached. This was largely due to excessive market noise. This has shown good sentiment for the future prospects regarding the yield of Tawana’s mining operations.


JSE:TAW is currently at R2.7, dated 16/05/2017

The rand/usd is at R13.15, above average given the economic conditions. The expectation is a depreciation of the rand down to R14/$

Independently, should the TAW:AUX drop to 0.225, then…

The price target to execute buy: R2.3-R2.5  (updated: 12/06/2017)

The 12-month holding yield could range between 50-100%. Take note these are cautious estimates and various factors are considered when deciding the timing of period of investment. Risk factor in holdings deviate between -25 & -15%.

Dont believe us? Do some research yourself. Come back and thank us if our target estimates are valid 🙂

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